Shredding and Briquetting of wood, cardboard, Miscanthus, plastics and other materials

In our large test and demonstration showroom in Filderstadt, a wide variety of customer materials are shredded and briquetted almost every day. Not only novelties in the areas of shredding, briquetting, metal separation, briquette packaging and materials handling are shown, but also technical developments and innovations are demonstrated.
In addition, compacto offers informative customer and dealer training courses in our large training room. Great emphasis is placed on theoretical details as well as practical relevance. Deep insights into the machine technology are guaranteed. Why not contacting us immidiately to arrange a free personalised trial with your specific material? 

 Shredding and briquetting of wood, chipboard, MDF, pallets and fruit crates
As a manufacturer of shredding machines and briquetting presses, compacto traditionally provides solutions for volume reduction and energy production from wood. Production residues from all softwood and hardwood species (maple, apple tree, birch, pear, beech, Douglas fir, yew, oak, dewberry, alder, ash, spruce, hornbeam, pine, cherry, larch, linden, walnut, poplar, sycamore, robinia, horse chestnut, copper beech, Swiss pear, fir, elm, willow, plum, etc.) in the form of wood shavings, sawdust and grinding dust can be briquetted with our FOX briquetting presses. This is achieved without binding agent, simply with very high pressure.
Timber waste, pallets and fruit crates can be shredded efficiently and safely with our SHARK wood shredding machines.

Shredding and briquetting of paper and cardboard
Our SHARK shredding machines and FOX briquetting presses are ideal for shredding paper, cardboard, egg cartons and similar materials.
With our SHARK shredding machines secure shredding can be ensured. For paper shredding, our SHARK shredding machines are equipped with a special scraper, which prevents individual sheets from jamming under the hydraulic slide.
In addition to paper and cardboard shredding, our FOX briquetting presses can be used to compact the shredded material into dimensionally stable briquettes. Thus, volume reduction and dust binding is achieved.

Briquetting of miscanthus, elephant grass and China grass
The miscanthus, which is usually already crushed on the field with a maize shredder, can be briquetted with our FOX briquetting presses without the addition of binding agents. The high mineral content in the material can cause increased wear and tear. For this reason, our FOX briquetting presses for miscanthus can be equipped with special wear and tear parts that have a longer service life and are easy to change. Due to these individual features of our FOX briquetting presses, compacto machines are excellently suited for pressing miscanthus, reeds, reeth and similar materials.

Shredding and briquetting of straw
Straw can be shredded with our SHARK shredding machines. For straw shredding special cutting tools are used, which allows the machine to cut the stems. After crushing, the straw granules can be compacted with our FOX briquetting presses. 

Shredding and briquetting of aluminium 
The aluminum residues that accumulate in the production process can either be fed directly or via our SHARK shredding machine to our special FOX NEM. Thanks to the special features with a vertical cylinder instead of crimping pliers, our FOX NEM can process aluminum granules into dimensionally stable briquettes while also forcing emulsions such as coolants and lubricants out of the material. This is achieved via a collecting tray under the machine with a pump transporting the coolants and lubricants to a lubricant cleaning station.

Shredding and briquetting of plastics
In addition to aluminum, we shred plastics with our SHARK shredding machines. Some shredded plastic materials can be further processed into briquettes after crushing with our FOX briquetting presses, allowing them to be highly compressed and to be recycled.

Shredding and briquetting of other materials
Of course, the above materials are only a small part of what we are working on a daily basis. For example, it is possible to shred and briquette carpet, textiles, polystyrene, rice straw, cigarettes and tobacco. Also, animal feed briquettes can be made from husks. It is also possible to compact grass silage, pomace, copper, brass and peat.
In addition to the materials listed above, we regularly receive inquiries about trials of customer materials that are even new to us. In this case, we were very pleased to having the opportunity to find possibilities and solutions to shred and  briquette your specific material.



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